Whether this was ever true is debatable only beyond the Confederate states. What is true today is that social media has become the church lady and the party-line operator rolled into one. If somebody misbehaves, not just two people know about it. Within hours or minutes, millions do. Like a single organism endowed with the accumulated moral fortitude of human society, Twitter demands justice. In viral videos of the airplane fiasco, passengers are heard protesting as security officials dragged the man down the aisle toward the exit. But even their objections were relatively muted. Was this a one-off, crazy incident, they must have wondered? Or was it just a matter of time until the blood-sucking, tentacled tripod machines in War of the Worlds reach down to select their next human cocktail to drain?

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The UK has the highest number of craft breweries per capita of anywhere in the world, even in America, said Jonny Forsyth, global drinks analyst at market research group Mintel. Yet, unlike America where craft is now a mainstream segment, only 23% of UK adults drink craft beer, according to Mintels latest [2016] beer report. In other words, there is massive over-supply and something has to give. There is also an issue with the consistency of craft beer quality. The UK is seeing a certain amount of profiteering and some micro-brewers are charging a lot for very average beer. So there is likely to be a cull of craft brands which do not justify their price tag in consumer minds. Despite the warning, Hawke thinks the UK has room for more breweries before theres any danger of the bubble bursting. But both he and Lowe warn that prospective brewmasters should have plenty of experience to draw upon and plenty of money to burn. Go on a practical brewing course, get a job or volunteer at more than one local microbrewery for at least six months, said Lowe. Brew as many small batches at home as possible to the highest possible standards and get a six-figure sum behind you before you start. If you want a production brewery as a commercial thing, [start-up costs] are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, said Hawke.

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