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Google adds tools for brick-and-mortar stores to boost interest from online shoppers

Providing more bridges between merchants and Google’s search and advertising portals serves a couple of different purposes for Google. First, it gives the company another springboard from which to sell more advertising to those merchants, since shoppers may be more inclined to enhance their online presence when they know they are already seeing traffic from potential buyers there. According to a blog post on the new service from Surojit Chatterjee, Google Shopping’s head of product, some 80 percent of shoppers will visit a store if they know they will find there what they are looking for, so in theory providing that inventory list could increase that strike rate for businesses (or at the very least reduce frustration people may have when they do go to the store and find the product not there). Second, it gives Google another way of providing a relevant platform for the so-called world of “omni-commerce,” or as some might refer to it, online-to-offline commerce, which in turn can drive more ad sales. Chatterjee said Boulanger, an early retailer trialling the new version of catalog ads, pictured above, drove more than 20,000 visits to its stores, with the sales bump resulting from that “delivering a return of 42 times its investment on ad spend.” This is also particularly timely, given the work that Amazon is reportedly doing to expand the kinds of ads it delivers across third-party sites and apps : the e-commerce giant is said to be testing new display ads that would bypass Google to help promote products for merchants that sell through Amazon. Given that Amazon is also continually looking for inroads also to working with physical merchants, this presents one more threat to Google’s ad-based revenue model. It’s not the only move Google has made to expand its e-commerce reach. In its own riposte to WholeFoods and Amazon, it has started to work with grocery stores to sell their products online. The most recent customer for the service is Carrefour in France . For the merchants, maintaining online an online presence via Google could also be helpful. Although some will still seek out a company’s own website or app, in many cases — especially for smaller businesses — maintaining these can be time-consuming and costly; and that’s before considering just how much traffic they might receive.

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