Then you even factor in the light blue that Big Baller Brand (via UCLA) and AND1 both are known for, and youve got a perfect match. No ones thought about AND1 much in the past decade, butthats because the street-ball culture shifted with the advent of social media. We didntneed anyone to go film street-ball stars if they could do it themselves. But AND1 was a great, important brand, and more importantly, AND1 still exists. AND1 has littleto lose. At worst, this deal fizzles and the company ends upgiving us new funny trash-talkT-shirts. At best, it revitalizes one of every basketball fans favorites. Lance Stephenson is the only NBA player currently endorsing AND1, which is so soperfect but probably not enough. Meanwhile, Big Baller Brand gets a company that has a reputation and distribution network, one that has been restarted with the backing of Sequential recently . Theres a degree of credibility that going and working with a random startup wouldnt have.

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