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What is the Alexandrov Ensemble? Image copyright Reuters An audio recording played on Russian media and said to be of the final conversation between air traffic controllers and the plane reveals no sign of any difficulties being faced by the crew. Voices remain calm until the plane disappears and the controllers try in vain to re-establish contact. Russia officials said flying conditions were favourable. The plane came into service in 1983. Maj Gen Konashenkov said the aircraft was last serviced in September and had undergone more substantial repairs in December 2014. It had an "experienced" pilot, he said. Image copyright Reuters Image caption The Tu-154 that crashed into the Black Sea is seen at a military airport near Moscow in 2015 Image copyright AP Image caption Candles have been lit in central Sochi in memory of the crash victims The defence ministry has published a passenger list (in Russian) , showing that Alexandrov Ensemble director Valery Khalilov was also on board. There were nine journalists, eight soldiers, two civil servants and eight crew members. Among the victims was Elizaveta Glinka, known as Dr Liza, the executive director of the Fair Aid charity and the inaugural winner of Russia's state prize for achievements in human rights.

Osorio / Chicago Tribune This years Chicagoans of the Year in architecture are Juanita Irizarry, from left, of Friends of the Parks; Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang; and Carol Ross Barney of Ross Barney Architects. This years Chicagoans of the Year in architecture are Juanita Irizarry, from left, of Friends of the Parks; Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang; and Carol Ross Barney of Ross Barney Architects. (Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune) What unites these achievements? Probably the fact that gender, in the end, had little to do with them. In other words, the three Chicagoans of the Year succeeded not as women architects or women advocates but as architects and advocates who happen to be women. That constitutes progress and a departure from the still-gloomy bigger picture: U.S. women architects are typically paid less than their male counterparts. They are often forced to choose between career advancement and raising children.

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