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And because the effects of winter are more visibly pronounced on darker skin tones, its important for us to take extra precaution with protection in the harsh cold of winter. Cleansing and Moisturizing While moisturizing seems like an absolute no-brainer, retaining moisture throughout the day can be a challenge in frigid, dry weather. Creating the best infrastructure for your skin to maintain the ability to retain moisture starts with cleansing. Limit your showers to five minutes using lukewarm water vs. hot water, Philadelphia based, board certified dermatologist, Dr. Nazanin Saedi suggests. As comforting as those long, hot showers in the winter seem, they tend to dry out the skin. Another routine to cut back on in the winter is exfoliating, according to licensed aesthetician, Niecey Duncan . One of the biggest skincare mistakes I see is over-exfoliating during the winter months because the skin tends to be drier, says Duncan. Theres a belief that [exfoliating] will take away the dryness and any flakiness. Over-exfoliating actually causes the skin to appear and feel even drier which can lead to inflammation and in darker skin types. This can cause skin tones to become uneven with areas of hyperpigmentation. While bathing, avoid the use of antibacterial soaps as board certified dermatologist, Dr.

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The party wants First Minister Arlene Foster to step aside while the debacle is investigated. Mrs Foster set up the Renewable Heating Incentive scheme in 2012 when she was enterprise minister. It was an attempt by the NI Executive to increase consumption of heat from renewable sources. But businesses received more in subsidies than they paid for fuel, and the scheme became heavily oversubscribed. BBC News NI reports on the RHI scheme The DUP has consistently rejected calls for Mrs Foster to step aside. Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir warned on Thursday that if Mrs Foster does not step aside temporarily an election would be inevitable. On Wednesday, Economy Minister Simon Hamilton said he and Mrs Foster had come up with a plan to limit public losses to "effectively zero". Judicial figure Sinn Fein has previously rejected the terms of reference drawn up by the head of the Northern Ireland civil service to investigate the issue. The party wants the attorney general to appoint a judge to head up the panel. Emergency legislation would be required to give the investigation powers to compel witnesses and documentation. The party says this could be done under accelerated passage; it wants the panel to produce a preliminary report within four weeks and a final report within three months.

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